Married…With Children – Al Bundy’s First Scene in the Shoe Store (1987)


This remains my favorite sitcom ever. I apologize to anyone who didn’t like the show because I’ll be putting more than a few scenes from it up on the site over time. In this very early scene from the show, we get a glimpse of Al Bundy’s rude and brash behavior as a shoe salesman at Gary’s Shoes.

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I like a lot of things but 90s American pop culture is my jam.

4 thoughts on “Married…With Children – Al Bundy’s First Scene in the Shoe Store (1987)

  1. Married with Children was a staple of Friday night television here in England, perfect viewing after a few pints of bitter at the local pub. Ed O’Neill was brilliant as Al, I loved his performance in the film Disorganized Crime too!

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  2. Despite probably being judge very politically incorrect nowadays, Married With Children stands as one of the great TV comedies of all time in my opinion. It is one of favourite shows. Just love the banter between all the characters and how almost without fail everything always goes wrong for Al.


    1. Absolutely! It is my theory that Modern Family is in the same universe and Al Bundy wound up with Sofia Vergara after winning the lottery or something like that (at least one can dream).

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