Toys of the ’90s – Super Soaker



I’m not a toy collector nor would I ever claim to be an expert. However, being that this is a 90s American pop culture website, I felt it was necessary to point out a few of the popular toys from the decade starting with the Super Soaker.

Interestingly, the Super Soaker was created by a mechanical and nuclear engineer named Dr. Lonnie Johnson. Making a high-pressured water gun was not his first intention. He was trying to invent a heat pump that would use pressurized water vapor in place of Freon. When he hooked the pump up to a water faucet at home, the stream of water that shot across the room gave Dr. Johnson an idea for a new type of water gun, hence the beginning of the Super Soaker.

In fact, the original name of the gun was the Power Drencher, which was changed to Super Soaker in 1991 by the Larami Corporation. Since then, the Larami Corporation and then later Hasbro, would go on to sell more than 200 million Super Soakers, raking up more than $1 billion in sales. This iconic water gun is now part of the National Toy hall of Fame after being inducted in 2015.

Below is the very first Super Soaker commercial.

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