3 Songs from 1990

This is not so much a recommendation for these songs as it is an analysis or informational piece on them. As a teacher, I enjoy the hell out of teaching and that is what I am trying to provide here. Whether you like these tunes or not, my hope is that you learn something aboutContinue reading “3 Songs from 1990”

…Baby One More Time – Britney Spears (1998)

  Written by: Martin Karl Sandberg Oh baby, baby Oh baby, baby Oh baby, baby, how was I supposed to know That something wasn’t right here Oh baby, baby, I shouldn’t have let you go And now you’re out of sight, yeah Show me how want it to be Tell me baby ’cause I needContinue reading “…Baby One More Time – Britney Spears (1998)”

Flava in ya Ear (Remix) – Craig Mack, Biggie Smalls, Rampage, LL Cool J, and Busta Rhyme (1994)

  Written by: Craig Mack, LL Cool J, Biggie Small, Rampage, and Busta Rhymes [Puff Daddy:] Bad Boys Come out and play You know we had to do a remix, right[Verse 1: Notorious B.I.G.] Uh, uh Niggas is mad I get more butt than ash trays Fuck a fair one, I get mine the fastContinue reading “Flava in ya Ear (Remix) – Craig Mack, Biggie Smalls, Rampage, LL Cool J, and Busta Rhyme (1994)”

Santeria – Sublime (1996)

Written by: Bradley Noel, Bud Gaugh, and Eric Wilson “Santeria” is easily one of the best rock songs of the 90s that was played to a mass audience. It is a shame that we were not able to hear more music from Sublime due to the death of lead singer Bradley Noel at just 27 yearsContinue reading “Santeria – Sublime (1996)”

Scenario – Tribe Called Quest feat. Leaders of the New School (1991)

  Written by: Kamaal Fareed, Bryan Higgins, James Jackson, Ali Shaheed Muhammed, Trevor Smith and Malik Taylor Here we go yo, here we go yo So what so what so what’s the scenario Here we go yo, here we go yo So what so what so what’s the scenario A-yo Bo knows this (what?) andContinue reading “Scenario – Tribe Called Quest feat. Leaders of the New School (1991)”

Enter Sandman – Metallica (1991)

  Written by: James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett Say your prayers, little one Don’t forget, my son To include everyone Tuck you in, warm within Keep you free from sin Till the Sandman he comes Sleep with one eye open Gripping your pillow tight Exit: light Enter: night Take my hand We’re offContinue reading “Enter Sandman – Metallica (1991)”

No Rain – Blind Melon (1992)

  Written by: Brad Smith, Shannon Hoon, Christopher Thorn, Glen Graham, and Thomas Stevens. All I can say Is that my life is pretty plain I like watchin’ the puddles gather rain And all I can do Is just pour some tea for two And speak my point of view But it’s not sane, It’sContinue reading “No Rain – Blind Melon (1992)”

Under the Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991)

  Written by: Flea, Anthony Kiedis, John Fruschiate, and Chad Smith Sometimes I feel Like I don’t have a partner Sometimes I feel Like my only friend Is the city I live in The city of angel Lonely as I am Together we cry I drive on her streets ‘Cause she’s my companion I walkContinue reading “Under the Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991)”

Regulate – Warren G and Nate Dogg (1994)

  Written by: Nate Dogg and Warren G [G:] Regulators we regulate any stealing of his property and we damn good too But you can’t be any geek off the street, gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean, earn your keep! REGULATORS!!! MOUNT UP! [G:] It was a clear blackContinue reading “Regulate – Warren G and Nate Dogg (1994)”

End of the Road – Boyz II Men (1992)

  Written by: Kenneth “Babyface” Edwards, Antonio “L.A.” Reid, and Daryl Simmons [Spoken:] Girl, you know we belong together I have no time for you to be playing with my heart like this You’ll be mine forever, baby, you just see [Verse:] We belong together And you know that I’m right Why do you playContinue reading “End of the Road – Boyz II Men (1992)”

Santeria – Sublime (1996)

  Written by: Bradley Nowell, Bud Gaugh, and Eric Wilson. I don’t practice Santeria I ain’t got no crystal ball Well, I had a million dollars but I, I’d spend it all. If I could find that Heina, and that Sancho that she’s found. Well, I’d pop a cap in Sancho and I’d slap herContinue reading “Santeria – Sublime (1996)”