Toys of the ’90s – Beanie Babies

A bit like the fidget spinner craze of modern times, Beanie Babies were all the rage in the mid-90s up until 1999. Filled with plastic pellets instead of stuffing like most stuffed animals, Beanie Babies skyrocketed in popularity in 1995 when seemingly everyone wanted one. The original nine Beanie Babies released were: Legs the Frog,Continue reading “Toys of the ’90s – Beanie Babies”

Toys of the ’90s – Super Soaker

  I’m not a toy collector nor would I ever claim to be an expert. However, being that this is a 90s American pop culture website, I felt it was necessary to point out a few of the popular toys from the decade starting with the Super Soaker. Interestingly, the Super Soaker was created byContinue reading “Toys of the ’90s – Super Soaker”