TV in 1991: War and Police Brutality

The two biggest subjects of television in 1991 centered around the worst police beating ever caught on video (yes, even to this day) and a conflict in the Middle East that turned televisions into 24-hour war journals. While war and police brutality dominated the air waves in 1991, they were not the only notable momentsContinue reading “TV in 1991: War and Police Brutality”

Bart Gets an “F” – (1990)

This episode of The Simpsons was the first episode of season two. It also was the first time the show went up against The Cosby Show’s time slot and took a decent chunk of the audience. Obviously, there are many more iconic episodes and moments from The Simpsons but this one may be the first one that cementedContinue reading “Bart Gets an “F” – (1990)”

Beavis and Butthead – Frog Baseball (1992)

“Frog Baseball” is actually Mike Judge’s pilot episode for Beavis and Butthead. This is the uncut version, which would most likely not be allowed on MTV these days. It debuted on MTV’s Liquid Television back in 1992 and gives you an idea of why the two teenage knuckleheads became so popular.

Married…With Children – Al Bundy’s First Scene in the Shoe Store (1987)

This remains my favorite sitcom ever. I apologize to anyone who didn’t like the show because I’ll be putting more than a few scenes from it up on the site over time. In this very early scene from the show, we get a glimpse of Al Bundy’s rude and brash behavior as a shoe salesmanContinue reading “Married…With Children – Al Bundy’s First Scene in the Shoe Store (1987)”