TV in 1991: War and Police Brutality

The two biggest subjects of television in 1991 centered around the worst police beating ever caught on video (yes, even to this day) and a conflict in the Middle East that turned televisions into 24-hour war journals. While war and police brutality dominated the air waves in 1991, they were not the only notable momentsContinue reading “TV in 1991: War and Police Brutality”

The 1990s vs 2020

Imagine walking out of a movie theater after seeing Goodfellas and already declaring it one of the greatest mafia films in history. You spend your time listening to People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm on your headphones while walking home from school. There was that night you watched the Arsenio Hall Show andContinue reading “The 1990s vs 2020”

A 90s Christmas Movie Guide

You have heard friends and family tell you their favorite holiday films: It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Some people absolutely cannot go through the holiday season without a viewing of A Charlie Brown Christmas whereas others feel the same about A Christmas Story. Whatever it may be,Continue reading “A 90s Christmas Movie Guide”

1999 – A Return of the King

It makes sense that the final year of the 90s would mark the return of perhaps the most successful and popular franchise in the history of film: Star Wars. In this instance, the franchise went backwards in its narrative by doing three prequels to the original Star Wars films. The hype for the new films lasted forContinue reading “1999 – A Return of the King”

1998 – Hit me baby one more time

There are arguments out there that 1998 is one of the best years in music, and certainly the best year in music of the 90s. While I’m not sure I agree with either of those theories, it was certainly a significant year in music, a year in which music had more impact on American popContinue reading “1998 – Hit me baby one more time”

1997 – Simply Titanic

You had to live during the years before Titanic was released to understand all the hype and hoopla surrounding it. For one, the budget was gargantuan. To add to that, there were tons of issues that occurred during the filming of the movie that made it feel like it was set up to be a monumentalContinue reading “1997 – Simply Titanic”

1996 – “Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”

If it weren’t for Will Smith, Independence Day would not have been the same (for proof of this just watch the god awful sequel). However, without Independence Day, Will Smith might not have become the global star that he is. With his star rising, Independence Day put him catapulted him to A-list status in Hollywood after his successful trystContinue reading “1996 – “Today we celebrate our Independence Day!””

1995 – “Houston, we have a problem.”

The above quote, one of the most famous from 90s films, comes from Apollo 13. Uttered by Tom Hanks, the iconic quote was actually paraphrased. What was said during the real Apollo 13 mission was, “Um, Houston, we’ve had a problem.” Not that it matters. Consider that the movie starred Tom Hanks who was coming offContinue reading “1995 – “Houston, we have a problem.””

Action Films of 1990 – Sequels Galore

  In my opinion, 1990 was a mediocre year for the action and adventure film genre. There were a handful of memorable movies like Total Recall, Die Hard 2 and The Hunt for Red October but there were also a garbage can full of duds like I Come in Peace, The Rookie and The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. On the bright side,Continue reading “Action Films of 1990 – Sequels Galore”

1990 in Comedy – The Biggest Laugh is Home Alone

If you remember 1990 like me, it’s hard to explain just how popular Home Alone was. It was on the level of any big cartoon as every little boy wanted to be like Kevin, the protagonist of the movie. The moment where he puts on his father’s aftershave is one of the most popular scenes of theContinue reading “1990 in Comedy – The Biggest Laugh is Home Alone”

1994 – Greatest Year in Movie History?

  I remember being fifteen years-old and limping into the movie theater in a walking boot because I was recovering from a badly fractured ankle. At this point, getting to walk was exciting because I had been on crutches for weeks. I entered a matinee showing of Forrest Gump to meet my friend but I arrivedContinue reading “1994 – Greatest Year in Movie History?”

1993 – Spielberg is Jurassic

You had to live in 1993 to understand the hype around Jurassic Park. From the moment the first trailer hit the theaters, everyone wanted to see it. Never before had dinosaurs looked that real. Oh, and the greatest blockbuster director ever, Steven Spielberg, was directing it. It was a no-brainer: Opening weekend, you had to see JurassicContinue reading “1993 – Spielberg is Jurassic”