The 1990s vs 2020

Imagine walking out of a movie theater after seeing Goodfellas and already declaring it one of the greatest mafia films in history. You spend your time listening to People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm on your headphones while walking home from school. There was that night you watched the Arsenio Hall Show andContinue reading “The 1990s vs 2020”

1996 – “Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”

If it weren’t for Will Smith, Independence Day would not have been the same (for proof of this just watch the god awful sequel). However, without Independence Day, Will Smith might not have become the global star that he is. With his star rising, Independence Day put him catapulted him to A-list status in Hollywood after his successful trystContinue reading “1996 – “Today we celebrate our Independence Day!””